All Moringa® is not only expanding the production on their own farm, but reaching out to rural communities to assist them in growing their own Moringa Trees.

Zain Halle and his partner Jeff Boekstein wanted to create a sustainable farm so that they can go back into the community and providing training, giving them an opportunity to grow for themselves and develop their own businesses, farming Moringa.

It all started when Zain went to plant a handful of seeds at the hospice in Hammanskraal. When he got there eight months later, the hospice workers in the kitchen were drying leaves, grinding them by hand and packing them in capsules. They sold it to the local clinic.

Zain realized that there is a market among local communities and they were much more aware of the health benefits than one realizes. It was his “a-ha” moment.

The Moringa tree is incredibly hardy. Rural communities in Northern Kenya use it to feed their animals during the dry season, they use it as fodder. The Moringa tree doesn’t require a massive amount of water, which is great as it allows people in communities who don’t have a lot of water to grow something like this and start their own business.

Even just on a sustainability basis, Zain worked out that a community member would need to plant a 100 trees and they would make enough to feed a family of five.