Our passion and dedication towards making a real difference

Not every story starts with a miracle, but ours does.

Our story started four years ago in the heart of the Mpumalanga Province, South Africa – a place where moringa, ‘The Miracle Tree’ thrives. The reason our story is a miracle is because the magic of moringa touched the lives of so many people who crossed our path since first coming into contact with the magic of moringa. Moringa has enhanced health, and given hope to so many. Our mission is to continue to spread the benefits of moringa far and wide.

Our History

All Moringa® was founded after an owner’s family member experienced the profound healing effects and vast benefits of moringa, during a debilitating illness.
Using the product himself led to wanting to know and understand more, which resulted in extensive research. This deep dive into moringa powder benefits brought to life the undeniable health and wellness benefits of moringa.
And so, in 2017, thousands of moringa trees were planted and All Moringa® was born. Today we share this extraordinary natural product with those who seek help to effectively treat a range of ailments, from sleep issues, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Our Directors

Our passion and dedication towards making a real, and remarkable difference in the lives of our partners, distributors and customers, is what drives us. The transformation we have seen from everyone who we introduce to the magical moringa plant is in itself magical.

Zain Halle

For the past 12 years Zain has been working with rural and peri-urban communities within South Africa.
He has managed a variety of projects within the non-profit sector and assisted a number of start-up companies. He has successfully started moringa tree and micro farming projects in a number of rural communities and has trained communities in natural farming methods.
Zain found his love for farming through his community which helped him gain insight and understanding into the needs, social structures and financial challenges those in the community face. With a deeper understanding of farming methods and the acknowledgment of the needs in the community, he has been able to develop the All Moringa® farm in Nelspruit and provide opportunities for the local community.

Jeff Boekstein

Jeff Boekstein is a global business executive with 35 years’ experience at the highest levels in B2C marketing, B2B relationships, strategy and general management. He spent 30 years with the Belron group (parent company of Autoglass, Carglass, PG Autoglass, Safelite and other brands in 33 countries) in a number of roles, including Managing Director of PG Autoglass (1995 – 1998) and Global Sales & Marketing Director for the Belron group (2004 – 2014), where he led the team responsible for building the various Belron brands across numerous countries. In every country these brands now enjoy the highest awareness in the industry.
Jeff has an honours degree in Economics and Marketing from the University of Cape Town and an MBA from London Business School.
He now acts as a mentor and investor in a number of new and innovative businesses.